Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for dialogin usage?

Free acces is part of each project which is realized by STEM/MARK. If you are interested in enable to demo acces account, contact us, please and we assign you demo user name and password.

Can I affect future layout of dialogin?

Each user has chance to fill a short internet questionnaire, which says to us all your notices and possibilities of future development trends.

How often are information in dialogin updated?

Frequency of our analyst´s reports can be different by type of project, but we usually inform about project each second day or more often if there are any important events.

Where can I find potential help?

In case of problems with dialogin, do not hesitate to contact us: or over phone +420 225 986 811.

What should I do if I lost authorization codes of my company?

You can contact us and we immediately assign you new authorization codes.

Can I change my password for acces?

Yes, you can find a link for password change in a top navigation bar of the aplication (or by clicking on your name). New password will be known only to you. Nobody of our employees has acces to your password.

Are you unsure if your registration code are in safe hands?

You can deactivate access in a top navigation bar of the aplication and later your access with new password activate again over phone.

Is it possible to limit my acces only for one PC or company net?

By registration we can limit access only for certain IP addresses and thus partly to limit number of computers which can communicate with dialogin. Not always is possible to find current IP address of computer in advance, e.g. in case of business trips. For this cases we can switch off the IP address control, but after return, we recommend to switch on the control again

What is IP address of computer?

Each client (computer …) connected to internet has to be uniquely addressable. And just the IP address is unique address of each computer connected to internet. But there are also cases, when group of several computers (comuter net) has only one unique address.